Santa and His Pets

Wrapped Up In Holiday Spirt

Best Friend #1 and #2 really went all out on their holiday decorations this year. Santa loves their holiday spirit and plans to reward both with treats. 11 in H


Paws & Claus

Santa gives the Christmas pets one last checkup before setting out to delivery them to good boys and girls. Santa 10 in H


Feline Pretty

Don't forget that our furry friends have been making a list of goodies they would like to have Santa delivery on Christmas. Santa 8 in H


High Five

Santa and his furry friend exchange a celebratory High Five on a snowy Christmas morning Santa 8 in H


Tree Toppler

I believe Santa was looking for a treetopper. What he got was a tree toppler. Hope there aren't any gifts marked fragile. Santa, Set of 2 10 in H


Peppermint Bark

It wouldn't be Christmas without peppermint bark in the stockings. Santa, Set of 2 9 in H